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MOI & Swingweight Calculators
These calculators allow you to match a set by swingweight or MOI. You can toggle between the swingweight calculator and MOI calculator.
Highly Accurate Swingweight Estimates
Over 95% accuracy within +/- 1 swingweight point.
Shaft Balance Point Database
This powerful feature is what gives the program its accuracy. Select from a vast array of popular brand name shafts included in the Shaft Balance Point Database. The information is automatically filled in the appropriate fields. With the Clubmakers Calculator, you can also add/edit/remove your own shaft data.
Frequency Graphing
If you "Frequency Match" assembled clubs as part of your clubmaking operation, this new feature allows you to graph the recorded frequencies. Clubmakers Calculator plots club frequencies and gives you options to print and save the graph.
Print and Print Preview
Options allow you to decide what data appear on the printout. With the Clubmakers Calculator, you can customize your printout appearance using Print Preview.
Save and Load Results
Save your results and club information for each set of clubs you estimate. To open the file at another time, simply doubleclick the file folder wherever you choose to store it.
Export Data
Export your results as a comma separated text file which can be opened as a spreadsheet in a program such as MS Excel.
Free Updates
No matter how many times we update the program, you'll always receive updates free of charge.
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What Users Say...

I love the program and use it all the time. It simply makes my life easier.
Bill Bush, Bush's Custom Clubs & Repairs
CGA Advanced Accredited Clubmaker
Just got your Estimator ... keep up the great work!
Rick Parsons
Member, Professional Clubmakers Society
The Swingweight Estimator ... works marvelously.
Jean-Marc Tremblay
It works great. I use your program all the time.
Rob Williamson
I found the program extremely helpful and an excellent value.
Ned Klotz

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with this program, we will refund the full amount.

Free Download

Try out Swingweight Estimator Basic for free to get a feel for how easy it is to estimate pre-assembled swingweight. This basic estimator has none of the other features of Clubmakers Calculator, so you won't have the ability to save or print results, nor can you estimate more than one club at a time. This basic estimator also isn't as accurate as the full program, since it doesn't have the ability to adjust for different shaft balance points.

Swingweight Estimator Basic Free Download